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Strange & Wondrous Things

NOTE:  I have been mucking around with several ecommerce designers since OCTOBER! people! and I still don’t have a decent ecommerce site to link to.  Any suggestions?  I really just wanted to create a site for people to buy fun greeting cards for their Smummies and Skiddles.  Is that so much to ask for (a-waah, awaah!) Help!!  Here’s what I got so far -but I NEED a good designer.  Por Favor.  Sil vous plaits and all that jazz.

Looking for just the right gift for your step-parent or -child, surrogate, egg donor, or extremely cool BFF?  Everything from clothing to bath and body products to personalized greeting cards that actually say what YOU want to say can be found at Smumzie’s Unique Gifts. (Don’t judge us yet – we’re still under construction with placeholder images for the most part)

Multi-Mommies & Daddies and Infertiles alike – What better way to thank your surrogate for the gift of life than with a personalized greeting card and a spa gift basket?  Or celebrate your miracle baby with a Million $ Baby or Wanted onesie.  The words are simple, but the meaning is cleverly hidden in innuendo and double entendres.  (The test tube over the  $ might give it away though).

Celebrate your pride as part of a blended family in style, ducks!

Go.  Shop.   Then tell all your friends about  Smumzie’s.

And while you’re there, get yourself a little something nice.
Why wrap your morning coffee in an undignified cardboard ring
when you can dress it in latte lingerie (and spare a little piece of the environment) instead?
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