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Is a Quickie really better than nothing at all?

June 22, 2010

Things I’ve learned since my last post:

1.  Starting a blog, enticing wonderful readers into your world, then abandoning them without so much as a word is just rude. And I’m truly sorry about it.

2.  We are having a boy and a girl.

3.  We hate all the names we’d previously chosen for the boy.

4.  Skiddle is lobbying hard for it to be “Sterling.”  Better Half says we might as well get him a stripper pole and some gold lame shorts right now.  I kind of like it, even if it does sound “snobbish” and “conceited.”  (words from friends – as if a baby could be conceited and show it by naming himself.  honestly).

5.  I’m nesting in a manner that causes BH to mutter repeatedly about how his wife apparently “caught the OCD.”

6.  That taking Skiddle to either Walmart or Target is dangerous.  She always wants to go buy baby things.  And I couldn’t be more thrilled about this development.

7.  My sister is much better with the internets than I’ve been led to believe.  She has come up with some astonishingly good choices for the nursery.

8.  That I am embarrassed to read some of my “stream of thought” entries on this blog.  Which has led me to the conclusion that if I cannot do something special here that I am truly proud of, I should perhaps re-think my priorities.  Therefore, I will be signing off until August, when all our travel for the year is done (save that one trip to Iceland if it happens, for Labor Day weekend).  And when I do return, I will trim down the bad posts and dedicate the time I need to make each post the work of art it should be.

Thanks to all who check in on me now and then and again -apologies for leaving you hanging.



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  1. Glad to have an update on the babies…one of each! Way to go! That will be so much fun. I’ve been dropping hints like crazy that maybe updating our homestudy and going for a boy for numero 6 would be a good idea, don’t think the mister is buying into it, but you never know…Mea would be a grand big sister, and Mack is off to college in the fall.

    I like Sterling, probably would be silver lame shorts, not gold. Just don’t name the girl Pearl, or Platinum, or something…that might be a little over the top.

    • Heh – silver lame. Love it! Go for the boy! We can commiserate together! I hear they’re much harder than girls – I guess I’ll find out soon enough!

  2. Alexicographer permalink

    Er, would it be bad form to mention that I knew a lovely horse named Sterling, once? I did. And plenty of horses have names also used for humans, so, um, make of that what you will.

    So relieved to hear all is OK and look forward to your updates whenever you feel moved to make them. Word is people blog for themselves and not me which, while a little irritating to learn, seems about right.

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