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April 20, 2010

Sitting in a restaurant in NYC one day, I realized I could hear every word of many conversations that were going on around me. The tables aren’t exactly designed for comfort.  This led me to use it for a critical scene in one of my books. I liked the idea of using it to give info to the reader without simply narrating it.

Since then, I’ve discovered several blogs dedicated to eavesdropping, Overheard in New York being my favorite. People not only can hear each others’ conversations (especially in restaurants), they also seem to enjoy occasionally listening in.

On vacation, we ate at the lovely Brown Derby (in MGM – and the food, btdubbs, was spectacular!) and overheard a woman at the table next to mine complaining about the person on her other side who had the audacity to be on a cell phone in a restaurant.

Her biggest complaint was that she could hear every word of that person’s conversation and how rude of him to be on the phone where other people were “trying to eat.”


First, if hearing another person’s conversation somehow suddenly diminishes one’s ability to eat, restaurants will soon be going the way of the party line (remember when telephones first came out and you could pick up the phone and hear your neighbor’s conversation?)

Second, what difference does it make whether you can hear every word the 2 people physically located next to you having a conversation say, or if it’s one person on a cell phone?  You go think about that one, Missy.

Here’s a show stopper: (you ready for this?)  I think the main source of irritation is because they can’t hear what the other person is saying, too (nosy ba$tards).

Or maybe it’s because they’re too busy complaining just loud enough for everyone seated around them to hear to stop and think that they’re complaining about someone else who is having a conversation just loud enough for everyone seated around them to hear.

D’ja ever think about that one?


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  1. People are crazy. That’s all. Just crazy. If they have to grope that hard to find something to complain about, they need to get a hobby. I think some of the funniest things I’ve heard, are things I overheard. Did you guys have a nice trip?

    • We did, thanks for asking. I have about 4 posts in the works from the trip but I’m trying just to get caught up. More later! :o)

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