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Comments from a Sleepover

April 3, 2010

Skiddle had a couple of friends sleep over for OMG IT’S DEGRASSI night.

Overheard in passing:

Friend 1 (K):  How come L’s not here?

Friend 2 (J): She’s at 6 Flags.

K:  Jealous!

J: She sent me a pic you gotta see.

Skiddle and K huddle around J’s phone.

K: OMG! Is that – a “Jersey Shore” store?

J: Yep. L couldn’t believe it either. That’s why she sent the pic.

Skiddle:  What do they sell there?  Hair gel and pregnancy tests?

K: HA! Yeah, and fake n bake!  (self tanners y’all).

Skiddle and J, New Year’s Eve at Stowe Resort in Vermont.  Very cold. Poor horse! We tried to cancel but they said the horses were (1)used to the weather there and (2) very well cared for.   A fun ride in a one-horse open sleigh though.


Skiddle: I have mad homework this weekend.

K & J: Unfair!  Want some help?

Skiddle:  Sure. Wanna help make a French Tart?

J: Did you say a fart?

Chorus of giggles follows.

BH(my better half – darling husband, whatever you want to call him): Bathroom humor at it’s finest.


Skiddle: Is there sugar in diet Mountain Dew?

J: No but there’s twice the caffeine!

K: I heard Mt. Dew lowers your sperm count.

Skiddle:  Okaaaay.  That’s a good thing then, I guess.


Good times, folks.  Good times.


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  1. A sleepover transcription at it’s finest! Kids are so funny…

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