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Catholic and Gay… ?

March 12, 2010

So, I understand that this is probably not going to be a popular opinion but that’s ok.  I never was the popular girl in town.

This confuses us.

Basically two lesbians are trying to send their kids to a Catholic school and are being denied.

If your role as a parent is to help guide your child through the perils of life, why on Earth would you enroll them in a Catholic school if you’re gay?  Think of the message that sends to them.  Catholics teach that being gay is a sin.  You are gay.  So you are setting your children up to be taught that your way of life is a sin.  And forcing them to reconcile that inside their little brains until they gather enough experience and are old enough to make an informed decision about it all on their own.

Does anything about the internal chaos this is bound to cause them raise any alarms for you?

*squinty eyes*

Is it just me or does this have ‘bad idea’ written all over it?


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  1. This makes me get wrinkles on my forhead. I don’t quite know where the parents thought they were going with this. They had to have known that it would cause issues. I don’t care what race you are, what religion you practice, if you are gay or straight, or a martian for that matter, but if this is to “prove” something, and they are using their children as the pawns to do so, I think it’s incredibly awful for the children. Kids are not to be used as a political statement. I can’t begin to think of the psychological issues this will bring up with them later in life.

    • Kelly, I agree. I’m reading “When Everything Changed,” (Gail Collins) now and I do understand that change is hard and takes time and that someone, somewhere needs to step up and be willing to endure the pain for progress to take place. And I’m all for personal sacrifice if that’s what you feel you have to do. But why sacrifice your kids? There will be enough challenges in life for these kids, especially in school, without adding the pressure of religion on top of it all.

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