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She One-Upped Me

February 2, 2010

Skiddle invited a friend to vacation with us and let’s just say, after about 3 days of “togetherness” she learned that she needed to be a bit more circumspect in her choices for BFF.  After about two minutes of listening to them bicker over who gets the Ipod (it was J’s but her guest requested to use it; the battery was low and we had a long ride ahead of us so Skiddle resisted), I made her hand over the IPOD to the friend and as penance she was required to write a blog entry, which I had been nagging her to do for months anyway.

The brat out smarted me.  She’s tricksie like that.  Enjoy:

Teenagers can be aggressive when it comes to music

I decided to take my best friend to Arizona with me on our winter vacation. It was soooo much fun in the beginning and stuff, and we have our moments still but she’s a twin, and the other twin was left at home. So, she was kinda clingy. Not a bad thing, just a change. She also is very use to having someone close to her doing everything with her. Unlike me. I’m good with my parents and my sister and stuff, but seeing my friends outside school is weird because they’re always like, RIGHT THERE. I also kind of keep to myself and can deal with just small doses of seeing people.

But anyway, for example, we were on a coach bus thing for a couple of hours coming back from Sedona, and she (BFF) was all can I have your I-pod, and I was like, uh nah we just got on the bus and its gonna die soon. Then she was all noooo gimmiee it and I was all no. Then my smom was like J give her the I-pod she’s your guest and I was like I have to give her everything? And Smumzie was like yeah she’s your guest. So then I got pissed at like everyone and BFF was like smiling at me cause I was like screaming. (I would have laughed at me too.) Well not really but whatever. So Smumzie was all J stop being selfish and I was like what the frick people? And I’m very attached to my music, mind you. So, in the end I felt bad for being a bitch to my guest, even though she was being bitchy too and that is why everyone should have his or her own I-pod. Teenagers don’t like sharing, and we’re all bitches.

Tips for not sharing:

  1. Don’t take out your personal music devices until your best friend is VERY asleep next to you.
  2. Put up a fight. And I mean punches and kicks people.
  3. Refuse to sit next to your friend.
  4. Insist you are going to be sick due to the…(Boat, plane, car etc.)
  5. Go to the bathroom, and stay there with the object you refuse on sharing.

Tips for vacations with friends:

1.Make sure you like the person and won’t be THAT bored with them

2. Hang out before you commit.

3. Think about their level of clinginess.

4. Check your phonebooks for a possible twin.

5. If they ask you be like, “Omigod sorrrrayyyyyyyy it’s a familayyy thinnnggg.” (Dragging words out to teenagers usually works. Believe me, I am one).


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